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TEDY Token Economics

The TEDY tokenomics and emissions schedules have been carefully designed to reward liquidity providers and traders, to increase TVL and trading volume on the platform. Following in the footsteps of other well designed projects, we will experiment with a various methods, keep track of data, and be fully transparent with the community about the results.

At the end of the day, when the community funds a project, they should be in the loop with the progress and success. Votes should be held for major decisions using the governance token of the platform, and the community should have an option to share in the success of the platform through token emissions, revenue sharing, and other methods.

The initial goal of the project is to reward early adopters and build enough of a treasury to support development of a working MVP. The MVP will be designed to generate enough revenue to fund development beyond that.

The following is a summary of how the tokenomics will be designed to meet those goals while rewarding the community for their support.

ISO: Initial Stakepool Offering

The FISO is currently under way. Learn more on the TeddySwap FISO Dashboard. Teddy Bears Club NFT holders will receive bonuses to their FISO allocation.

INO: Initial NFT Offering

The Teddy Bears Club NFT mint will be launched in a few editions. 1st Edition is already completed. You can learn more on the Teddy Bears Club Peppermint page.

LBE: Liquidity Bootstrapping Event

Before the token is finally released, we will hold an LBE to determine the fair market value of the token and provide the initial Protocol Owned Liquidity or POL to the platform.

NFT holders from the previous INO rounds will be given additional bonuses, such as receiving a multiple on the LP tokens received.