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Product Summary

TeddySwap is a Cardano-based Decentralized Exchange that offers low slippage stablecoin swaps for all stablecoins in the Cardano ecosystem as well as typical AMM token to token swaps. The exchange will also implement cross-chain swaps for EVM chains and other eUTXO chains.

Stablecoin AMM DEX

You can swap any stablecoin pair and also ADA/stable swaps, all with low slippage and low fees. TeddySwap will also offer wrapped token trading pairs for more stable assets such as BTC.


The first step is to launch an AMM exchange with a standard invariant calculation. This is currently live in public testnet, and will be utilitzed on mainnet until V2 is complete which introduces the stableswap invariant.

Launching this v1 version of TeddySwap will allow to use launch an AMM protocol and begin attracting liquidity to the most popular stablecoins in the ecosystem.

The v2 launch optimizes the AMM pools to use a stableswap invariant, meaning liquidity providers have low susceptibility to impermanent loss, and slippage stays lower for traders.

This, on top of other yield opportunities, means TeddySwap will provide a better platform for liquidity providers that don’t want to take on the excess risk from providing liquidity for more speculative assets, and that means end-users who just want to swap stablecoins and ADA have access to lower fees and more predictable swap prices.